7 tricks to optimize your account

  1. A rookie mistake is to think that making money is easy and effortless. Each campaign requires monitoring and study techniques to achieve higher profitability. Take your time to plan your campaigns.
  2. Get conversions using your family and friends can be a small source of income, but great results will come if the users of your website, blog or social network are the ones that monetize your offers.
  3. Plan a good way to get traffic before launching your campaigns. Choose your offers, change them if you don't get good conversions, check the activity and reports, and investigate possible mistakes.
  4. Use all the options available in your panel. You have a very powerful tool to boost your activity to the max.
  5. Don't get swayed by big payouts. Offers with high payments are not always the ones that get higher conversion rates. Take advantage of offers that best fit your network users.
  6. Pay attention to your tax obligations.
  7. Be honest and make good use of the network. AdBoosters has fraud control tools, detecting IP addresses; recording IP's and users; cookies; monitoring conversions, and other control systems that could block your account.