Should I pay any setup fee or monthly fee for the service?

AdBoosters gives a free service to all users, with no signup costs or monthly payments. Just register and you will have access over the available campaigns and offers.

The money you earn corresponds to the payouts listed on your Adboosters panel, with no commissions or fees.

How can I make money with AdBoosters?

Most of the campaigns are based on goals and they are paid each time an offer completes an action. Choose your preferred campaign and  promote it on your website, blog or social network. The more users you have, the more completed actions and leads you make.

What is CPA?

Cost Per Action (CPA) is the most widely model used in AdBoosters campaigns. The advertiser pays per sale (CPS), per view (CPV), or per lead (CPL) when an action is required, for instance: install and use an APP.

What are conversions / leads?

When one of your users completes the required action for a campaign, you get a conversion. When this happens, your AdBoosters panel displays the income related to the campaign. The more conversions you get, the more money you make.

How I can see my income, and how to get paid?

In the Adboosters panel you will see in real time the results you are getting from your campaigns. You can use the tool to get reports, and export the data to your computer.

Once you reach the minimum income, please send us the payment order or invoice, so you get paid via your bank or Paypal account. Monthly payments are made in Net7, Net15 ot Net30, depending on your user level.

What do Net7, Net15 and Net30 mean?

A Net7 payment means you receive your money within the first seven days of the month, Net15 within the first 15 days and Net30 within the last days of the  month. Once the month is over, you must send your invoice before the day 15 of the current month, so you can get paid within 7, 15 or 30 days of the following month.

Invoices and payment orders take place before the 15th of each month. If you don't send us your invoice or payment order before the deadline date, your payment will transfered to the next billing period (the following month).

Are there any limitations to promote campaigns?

Some campaigns are aimed to advanced users. You can ask your manager to enable them for you through your AdBoosters panel.

Each campaign has specific characteristics, and sometimes have specific restrictions to promote them. Read carefully the information of each campaign before promoting it.

Besides, we apply zero tolerance for phishing, spam, false advertising, fraud and any other inappropriate promotional strategies.

¿How I can make money with Facebook and other social networks?

You can post campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and all social networks that you manage, through our banner generator for social networks.

You can also use Facebook and Twitter's promotional tools to get a bigger impact in your campaigns. It's very effective and many of our users have won thousands of euros with this system.

Can I use any campaign in my Facebook or social network?

Some campaigns may have promoting restrictions through social networks, these campaigns will show the following message : "no FB / no social media". The lead won't count if you try to promote the campaign via Facebook.

Do I have to make invoices for AdBoosters? How do I do?

Adboosters is a spanish company so invoicing and taxes may be different from your country. Please get in touch with your local tax service to inform yourself about international invoicing procedures. 

The total amount of my income has changed. Why?

AdBoosters always pays in euros, but due to our wide range of global campaigns there is the possibility that you will make campaigns paid in dollars. You should keep in mind the fluctuation dollar/euro, as this can make your income change substantially when the payment is done.

What and how much can I expect to earn?

In addition to the economical gains, you can win AdBoosters prizes, based on the goals you've achieved. The income you will get depends on the time you spend to promote campaigns and your ability to develop new ideas and approaches to achieve conversions as well as the potential of the online tools that you handle.

We have users that make thousands of euros monthly, and you can be one of them. We'll give you the tools and keys to reach the maximum every month.