AdBoosters Awards

In AdBoosters we reward your loyalty and perseverance with gifts and medals. Your points will increase as you complete goals. In addition, every month we reward the excellence of our users with important raffles among the 10 users that have achieved higher revenues.

10,000MrBooster Card
20,000Sticker pack
50,000MrBooster T-shirt
100,000MrBooster gold Card
150,000Portable charger
500,000Golden trophy
1,000,000Gift of the month and MrBooster VIP card
5,000,000PS4, Xbox 360 or TV 4K Ultra
10,000,000VIP trip 2 people

AdBoosters referrals

With our referrals program you get an additional 5% on the profit generated by the users you bring to our network,  without them seeing their income decline. We also have special prizes for the Boosters that generate more referrals to the network.

What and how much you can expect to earn

AdBoosters awards will be obtained depending on the goals you achieve. We add and change promotions continously for our users so they can win great awards, like modern smartphones, game consoles, laptops or trips to different parts of the world.

The income you get will depend on the time you spend promoting campaigns, on your ability to develop new ideas and approaches to achieve conversions and on the online potential tools that you manage.

Some users of our network generate thousands of euros every month and you can be one of them, we'll help you by giving you the tools and keys to generate the maximum per month.